Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kennel Camp at GDA

Poppy went to "day camp" at Guide Dogs of America today. It looks like jail but the kennel director promised me that the puppies have a great time playing with each other. Then when they come for guide dog boot camp at 16 months of age adjustment is a breeze for them. One of the problems GDA encountered was that many dogs were dropped from the program because of "kennel stress". Since they started the "doggy day camps" the kennel stress has decreased substantially!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Five Months of Poppy

First time at the beach
Poppy went to the beach and experienced the ocean for the very first time. It was HEAVEN for Poppy. She loved the sand and the smells, the waves. We walked for 2 hours in the surf and if I had unhooked the leash I think she would have thanked me in English. The experience was so magical for her.

Perfectly matched playmates

A lot of love
Poppy requires a LOT of exercise and a LOT of play. She doesn't even notice when a dog tries to dominate her. I don't think she realizes how aggressive she is. Her BFF is a pitbull named Lucy who is the only dog who can match her energy. They have a ball together.
Dean and Poppy at Poquito Mas

Thank God we started taking Poppy to restaurants early on because she really absorbed good restaurant behavior.

Lindsey took Poppy to school with her
Lindsey took her to Chaminade High School and Poppy went to class with her. I was prepared to go pick Poppy up if she was distracting or unruly but she surprised us all with absolutely PERFECT behavior.

Pretty Poppy

Poppy is TERRIFIC at riding in the car

Not allowed on the couch

Poppy and Buddy L O V E