Saturday, March 30, 2013

Poppy Got Spayed

Awww, my sweet Poppy girl having one new experience after the other. Just spent three days in the hospital kennel and is coming home with stitches.

Poppy got spayed! They don't wait around at GDA. The lady who grooms my other dog told me that when you spay a dog this young their head doesn't grow anymore so they end up having a small head and fat body. The girls at GDA laughed out loud when I told them that. I really hope that's not true. The dogs I saw at graduation looked like they had normal heads.

Poppy is accepting of the cone. She has no expectations that life is supposed to be cone free so she has no resentment about wearing it. But she doesn't like it. She won't go on the grass with the cone on so she is pooping and peeing in all the wrong spots, like the living room, the flower beds, or right in the middle of the walkway.

She's on drugs too, Rimadyl, which is an anti-inflamatory. I think it makes her loopy.

The cone has turned her into Puppy-non-grata. It hurts like hell when she runs into your shins! I saw Buddy finally growl menacingly at her. He has to let her know that she is hurting him. She followed me around the backyard where I was gardening and each time she sniffed a newly planted flower the cone dug it right back up. Sigh.

Is this what recovery is going to be like?

Ahhhh, much better!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Girl Bad Girl, Whatcha Gonna Do?

I knew I put three blueberry muffins on that countertop. So when I came back and there were only two I figured that Dean ate one. Then I realized that Poppy was no where to be found. She had scurried upstairs and was busy wolfing down that muffin, paper and all.


likely to re-offend

Monday, March 18, 2013

Poppy Goes To The Store

We took Poppy to Target. She found a toy dog that barks and moves.

Why is she so obsessed with corners?


Friday, March 15, 2013

Poppy Sitters

Babysitter needed
Dean and I attended a heating and air conditioning convention in Las Vegas for Kilowatt. (I bet you didn't even know there were such things ;)

Thankfully GDA gave me a phone list of people willing to puppysit and Debi and her husband Ken were available. Debi and Ken had raised Jazzy for GDA so they knew all the Do's and Don'ts of puppy raising.

Debi with Poppy and Jazzy
Poppy became fast friends with Jazzy and got to meet all the the people at the Harley Davidson store where Debi works.

Home again with Haley
Poppy reunited with Buddy and Sally. There were lots of kisses, jumping and chasing.

Home again home again...

Thanks Debi & Ken for taking care of Poppy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two Months of Poppy

Lindsey and Haley adore Poppy

Poppy + Buddy = LOVE

Poppy is huge. I weighed her when she got her final round of puppy shots at GDA and she was 31 pounds! For the past two months she has brought so much joy to our family. She is curious and confident and sweet. I'm proud of the way she lays down under a table when we are eating or meeting. 

Hours meeting with people at Kilowatt were spent by Poppy sleeping on her blanket
She rides curled up on the floor in the car very nicely now that I have learned to put a bag on the passenger seat to deter her from squiggling up. 

Poppy prefers the seat but she knows it's not her place.
Poppy is very polite about sitting for food but other opportunities for sitting are lost on her. She jumps up to greet new friends with great enthusiasm.

Poppy and Jason Alexander at his annual poker tournament for weSpark

Poppy loves the gardener Ernesto and his loud lawn mower
Poppy wakes up with sharp piercing barks sometime between 4:30 and 5:30am. She has tons of energy which she expends running like a demon from one end of our house to the other.

For some reason when I put her in the yard she calms right down and becomes focused in getting back inside.

Where's that bunny?
Unless she spots the bunny. Run Cuddles, RUN! Buddy and Sally know not to actually catch the bunny but Poppy is so eager. So far the bunny is still alive though she spends way more time in her pen than she used to.

Walking with Poppy has become an arm workout. She pulls hard on the leash and I was out of my league trying to discipline a puppy with her energy level. GDA very kindly sent Yvonne, a trainer to our home to help me nip the problem in the bud.
GDA puppy trainer, Yvonne Martin, is AMAZING!
Within minutes she had Poppy behaving like an angel. You know what that means, right? It means that I am the problem. Yvonne assessed the situation and showed me a few training moves. She was encouraging and direct about what was needed.  One of the things she taught me was to keep Poppies leash on in the house during sketchy times, like early morning when she is possessed with all that manic energy or when someone comes to the door.

When I'm standing and talking to someone I give Poppy a job to do, in this case "Sit."

Sleepy Poppy