Sunday, July 14, 2013

Six Months of Poppy

Lisa with Sally, Poppy and Buddy

My sister Andrea came to stay with us for a while and brought her dog Sam. I'll let her tell you how it worked out:

Sam the handsome newcomer

A d j u s t m e n t  T i m e  !!
Sam does NOT like Poppy!!! All her jumping, frolicking and ROUGH N' READY puppy-play chaps his alpha-male heiney! 

She's a handful under normal circumstances, and Lisa has a lot to do today. So now she's out doing it and my job is to just take care of all  4 dogs. Sally,  the would-be alpha who with her diminutive size cannot achieve dominance over Poppy, but remains vigilant nonetheless.  Buddy, who good-naturedly submits to Poppy's endless shenanigans, though he usually just lays there like a punching bag, letting her bite him to her hearts' content. 
Patience. We all have a lot of adjusting to do.  I'm staying in a really nice room!  Baby gated so that Sam can be segregated.

Ouch! Poppy has no mercy for Buddy

Life is all about change when it isn't about maintenance.

Buddy doing his level best
We cracked the code. 
Alone with these 4 dogs, including "new-comer," Sam, used to being the Alpha at home;  completely intolerant to 8 month-old Poppy, how to make them into a pack that can co-exist peacefully,   if not happily?   Poppy's style of play wasn't at all agreeing with Sam.

Poppy's style of play is pretty obnoxious
I kept doing "group" activities with all 4 for about 30 mins.  Running around the yard.  Coming back and and "sitting" for treats. Again and again.  Poppy just kept on trying to puppy-style play with Sam and he just grrrrowled and got all hateful - but I wouldn't let him go full-force.  But she is HARD-headed.  Finally I took them all to the front door, like, "what we gonna do now??" And poppy did her usual try at grabbing at Sam.  He'd had enough of her just gave her an unequivocal response semi- attack that shocked her out of her innocence. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to clearly state his boundary.  The light bulb went ON.  She backed OFF.   She steers Clear of him now.
I wanna see if Lisa notices when she gets back.

Lol. That picture says it allllll! Crammed in next to security blanket Buddy.....he's all wagging, she's all inhibited and embarrassed, once bitten twice shy no joyous tail waggin. Good, she needed that dose!

PS. Lisa noticed right away when she walked in the door.  "What happened??"  she exclaimed when she saw all the dogs gathered together by the front door to greet her and Haley when they got home.  The change was evident.   Poppy was keeping a respectful distance,  and Sam wasn't bristling.   A knew understanding had been found.  Although Poppy snuck in a few hopeful kisses while taking their evening walk...she hasn't completely given up! 

Surprise! In the end Sam couldn't resist Poppy's charms.

"Someday I will be a real guide dog." - Poppy