Saturday, August 31, 2013

Counter Surfing, What Finally Worked?

No more bacon and eggs for me.
Dean's breakfast is safe once again.

After the rattling can failed, Sha, the dog trainer made a crazy suggestion that I yell at the counter.

"Bad counter! Bad!" I whipped that granite with a dishtowel and chastised it soundly for giving up Dean's breakfast. I yelled at the dishwasher too because those dirty spoons were "Not for sharing!"

Poppy was shocked! She wanted no part of all that hostility. Her little tail went down and she slunk away to the living room to hide behind Sally.

Now when I cook she stays out of the kitchen. Her pilfering days behind her. I hope. ;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Poppy's Counter Surfing

Who's down with OPB? (Other People's Breakfast)
Poppy has become a fiendish counter surfer. Haley's crepes. Dean's bacon and eggs. I turn my back for a second and they are GONE.

The solution? 8 pennies in a thoroughly dry soda can. Tape up the top and tie a kite string to the tab. Set a trap with a delicious piece of string cheese as bait and when she grabs the cheese the can comes tumbling down, making a terrible loud noise which frightens her and puts a stop to all this nonsense.

I thought we would get a good laugh, watching Poppy get her well deserved comeuppance. But the laughs were on us. The can met it's match. It fell off the counter and made a huge rattly sound just like we wanted it to.

Poppy couldn't have cared less. She didn't even startle. Just wolfed that string cheese down like a hungry Miami street dog. (shout out to Sam)


What now?