Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Do Guide Dog Puppies Need To Learn?

Sha Newman is in the pink with her dogs Mason and Garmond, Dean Gilford and Poppy following

I don't know what we would do without Poppy's puppy class generously given by Sha Newman
Dean teaches poppy to stop at a curb
While other people are sleeping in on the weekends Sha Newman and her class of Guide Dog Puppy Raisers are up early and meeting with their dogs. This morning Sha called us together to meet on Sepulveda to practice stopping at curbs.

We crossed to Target to practice riding in the elevator.

Dean teaches Poppy to stay tight on the stairs
Going down stairs without pulling is an important skill. Poppy is great at this. We have stairs in our house so she knows to stay right by my side going down.
Dean Gilford  <3 and Poppy the adorable <3
"Stay." We put the dogs in a big circle and tell them to stay. Then walk all the way around the circle. If one dog breaks the stay it instantly becomes a wild romp for all the dogs.

Shopping carts can be intimidating to a puppy
Once afraid of the shopping cart, Poppy has no problem walking calmly beside it now. Sha makes sure to introduce puppies to anything that might freak them out so by the time they go in for their real Guide Dog training they are unflappable.
Dean and Poppy
Poppy loves her puppy class. 
Buddy and Poppy, so much love
Buddy has hugs waiting for Poppy when she gets home.