Monday, May 13, 2013

Four Months of Poppy

Happy Half Birthday Poppy
Poppy is six months old and growing up to be a strong healthy young lady.

She is curious about everyone and everything. The most important thing to her is love. In the morning she wants hugs first, not food or to go outside. She follows me from room to room in the house and goes with me everywhere. Except the mall, she is puppy non grata at the mall until she learns to go pee pee and poo poo BEFORE we hit those marble floors.

Haley walks Poppy around the golf course

Poppy takes takes a 3 mile walk with me most mornings around Balboa Park. She likes romping through the grass and is fascinated by the geese, ducks and swans.

Poppy faces off with a swan hopping like a kangaroo
Her favorite dog training class is Sha Newman's class on Sunday mornings and she is actually pretty good in it. Sometimes we put the dogs in a sit and walk away, humans walking around the circle. So far Poppy hasn't been the one to break the stay. After class the dogs have an off-leash romp and get all their energy out.

Poppy and Danny romp after class
We went to the GDA Puppy group this month and Poppy did their skill course, which had several different stations where the puppies demonstrated their ability to listen, wait and understand.

Poppy's A+ report card from GDA ;)

The great thing about these GDA meetings is that we get to see all of Poppy's litter mates. Cute cute cute puppies.

What happened to her leash?
Poppy's favorite thing to do it CHEW. Dean's classic car, the rugs, the walls, my flip flops, yoga block, many leashes and hundreds of chew toys. At some point during this short car ride Poppy managed to turn her leash into a useless pendant.